Haiku–Einstein’s Moderation

A little knowledge
is just as dangerous as
too much knowledge.



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Haiku–The Full Robin

Impossibly fat,
Robin waves her tail at me.
Full of eggs, methinks.

robin fat

robin eggs

(robin: wallpaperest.com; eggs: flickr.com)

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Time Piece

Old clocks get tired.
Nothing seems random.
There is no rest while the spring
grips taut intent,
or the electrons keep moving
across potential in constant current,
or the sun casts a shadow
on a face as old as humanity.
The heart knows this:
it reads shadows and rides
an electronic pendulum arc.
This journey of flesh carries
until the spring is slack
and the energy of who
we are finds a ghost,
wholly or in part.
My clock will not get tired,
it will just stop
in a quantum moment.


time piece heart


(clock: ednagallery.com; heart: m.harunahya.com) 

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Haiku–Bright Tracks

Walking tracks, bright sun,
cold bites around the edges:
a day with promise.

tracks sun

tracks kinks

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Tanka–Little Masturbations

Poems of myself
rarely find their way to sky.
Heroes stuck in clay,
feet marching, lonely in place,
like little masturbations.

boat n moon

bear n feet


(moon: etocz.com: bear/sneakers: pxleyes.com)

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Tanka–Who Was I?

A rainy morning:
I wonder who I might be;
the windows are streaked.
Trees await my scrutiny;
is it windier out there?




(top: situation-kunst.de; bottom: controlyourcash.com)

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Moss spreads through my lawn.
It’s green and soft: no mowing.
What is wrong with moss?

moss lawn

moss mountain


(top: hdwallpapersfactory.com; bottom: mountainmoss.com)

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Haiku–Punk Bird

Steller’s jay squawking:
the bird with a punk haircut
lets me know he’s there.




(top: en.wikipedia.org; bottom: blogs.evergreen.edu)

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Haiku–Muscular Wind

Trees twisting in fear,
creak in a blustery dance:
the muscular wind.

wind tree

wind trees

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Haiku–Robin Greeting

Robin’s good morning
greets the sky’s earliest light;
darkness ebbs to grey.

robin morning robin-bird-spring-19


(left: iacmusic.com; right: imgarcade.com)


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