Haiku–Peace as an Odd Job

Is coming to peace
with ambiguity a
pathway to wisdom?

(illusion: sommer-sommer.com; trees: wisdom-square.com)

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When We Are Gone

We live our lives here
where the greatest
human accomplishment is Art.
When we are gone
the wolves and butterflies
won’t miss it.



(photo credits in a previous blog)

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OmniMystery Interview

This interview was posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016.


I rattle on for a bit about the characters in Ochoco Reach and how I approached writing the novel. It might be of interest to some. For others, it might be a cure for insomnia. I reckon that’s the way of the world.

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Young Lodgepole Under Snow

White laden—back arched against the brilliant cold—
your example locks my admiration and my empathy
in an embrace that doesn’t know what to do with itself.

My perception puts you in an instant of deep bend,
the dance fully engaged,
captured in its most dramatic moment.

I am frozen myself,
awaiting your rise to my arrogance.
We are trapped in the instant:

you forever arched in your white gown
and me forever fooled
by the illusion of command.

snow bridge


(top: pinterest.com; bottom: yellowstonepark.com)

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When the Dream Begins

When the dream begins
you are not quite there;
you love her rumpled face
with the thousand-yard stare,
and the dream begins.

When the dream begins
you focus on the now,
you see the path ahead,
but you don’t quite see the how;
and the dream begins.

When the dream begins
the pathway is all aglow.
You gather up the light,
letting go of what you know,
and the dream begins.

When the dream begins
the darkness folds in place.
You rise into the light
to love her shining face:
and the dream begins.



(top: kozakphoto.com; sea: pixleyes.com)

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Amen. It is time to stand up.



“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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We are normal, everyday hard-working people with a common hobby, blogging. We hail from far and wide. We reside in different lands, on different continents. We speak different languages, eat different foods, and are of varying ages, professions, and religious and cultural backgrounds.

We do have one thing in common…

We believe that terrorist attacks, wherever they may be perpetrated; whether in France, Tunisia, Canada, Iraq, or in Denmark, Turkey, UK, Algeria, Yemen, USA, Lebanon, or in the skies over Egypt, or in India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kuwait, Libya, Bangladesh, Syria, or…

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Microscopic armies clash,
silent until I cough.
The universe seeks the life of my form,
my protoplasm, my individual identity.
The universe will always win
the final war, but
these small battles are mine,
gaining humility and wisdom
to give back as I discorporate.
I am a lens through which
intensities pass.
What I mean is art.
It’s a fair trade.



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Review of Craig Ryan’s “Sonic Wind”

Sonic Wind: The Story of John Paul Stapp and How a Renegade Doctor Became the Fastest Man on EarthSonic Wind: The Story of John Paul Stapp and How a Renegade Doctor Became the Fastest Man on Earth by Craig Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Craig Ryan has woven the true story of an American hero through the rollicking history of the late Twentieth Century. Dr. John Paul Stapp proved that human beings were capable of enduring massive G-forces by strapping himself into a rocket sled and undergoing incredible acceleration and deceleration. He and his team used the data collected during these runs to improve the safety of pilots everywhere. He designed the escape system that modern jet pilots still employ.

Arguably, Dr. Stapp saved more lives than any man who ever lived. Without him, seat belts would not be standard equipment in automobiles. Ryan chronicles Stapp’s campaign to make that happen, fighting the American auto industry at every turn.

Ryan tells the story in an easy matter-of-fact voice and a flair that keeps pages turning effortlessly. His research is impeccable and thoroughly documented. “Sonic Wind: The Story of John Paul Stapp and How a Renegade Doctor Became the Fastest Man on Earth,” is a must-read for aviation history buffs and anyone who is interested in how we arrived in 2015 with safer air and ground travel. It is a quintessential American story. With this book, Craig Ryan has cemented his stature as the preeminent Aviation History writer of his generation.

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Crucified Monks

Shrouded umbrellas, like
crucified monks, stoic, regarding
warm surf breaking against steep sand.
Beyond the waves,
pulsing party boats
sell revelry and forgetfulness
to young people focused on pelvic beats
and right now.
The monks do not shrug.
They await morning to open
and offer shade
for humans slow with brightness and regret.

standing monks

closed umbrella closed-umbrella

(top: shutterstock.com; left: patioumbrellanstands.biz; right: dreamstime.com)

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