Tanka–Who Was I?

A rainy morning:
I wonder who I might be;
the windows are streaked.
Trees await my scrutiny;
is it windier out there?




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Moss spreads through my lawn.
It’s green and soft: no mowing.
What is wrong with moss?

moss lawn

moss mountain


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Haiku–Punk Bird

Steller’s jay squawking:
the bird with a punk haircut
lets me know he’s there.




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Haiku–Muscular Wind

Trees twisting in fear,
creak in a blustery dance:
the muscular wind.

wind tree

wind trees

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Haiku–Robin Greeting

Robin’s good morning
greets the sky’s earliest light;
darkness ebbs to grey.

robin morning robin-bird-spring-19


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Boys, Work and War


I’ve known this man since I was a kid. It’s a great blog and has some very good things to say. John is a wonderful storyteller.

Originally posted on azuldelmar2kr:

I never saw my father work. Well, I saw him DO some work, but never at the place called Work. He left the house at 6AM to go to work, and was rarely home before 6PM. He went to Work. What the hell does that mean? Work was a place to me. Until I was 10, I had no idea where it was. He had something to do with making jet engines at General Electric in Cincinnati. It was the 1950’s when I first became aware that you have to go to a place called Work in order to make money to eat. You see, that’s about the time I learned that money doesn’t grow on trees. You have to go to Work to get some.

I grew up with a sense of entitlement, but I don’t like to admit it. I went to school, went out to play, and…

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The freeway is the ocean,
the stars are just as high,
but fewer.
I am tired, but can still pretend
what is real
is somewhere near,
not a lifetime away.
My imagination
saves me again.




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Haiku–Moonful Reminder

Big moon: full of light;
lets us know the sun still burns;
a comforting thought.


moon road


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Haiku–Red Squirrel

Little red squirrel,
dainty, but talking loud trash
to the dog below.

squirrel exulting

squirrel dog


(squirrel: mirror.co.uk; dog: flickr.com)

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Haiku–Bird Morning

Screet, screet, dut-dut-dut;
yoodle oot, yoodle oot, oot;
the birds awaken.

junco singing



(top: youtube.com; bottom: wildernessdweller.ca)

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