Haiku–Moonful Reminder

Big moon: full of light;
lets us know the sun still burns;
a comforting thought.


moon road


(top: thespiritscience.net; bottom: hdw.eweb4.com)

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Haiku–Red Squirrel

Little red squirrel,
dainty, but talking loud trash
to the dog below.

squirrel exulting

squirrel dog


(squirrel: mirror.co.uk; dog: flickr.com)

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Haiku–Bird Morning

Screet, screet, dut-dut-dut;
yoodle oot, yoodle oot, oot;
the birds awaken.

junco singing



(top: youtube.com; bottom: wildernessdweller.ca)

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Haiku–“We’re all mad here.”

A Cheshire Cat moon
smiling in the western sky;
my evening brightens.

moon crescent

crescent moon2

(top: shadowness.com; bottom: panoramio.com)

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Haiku–Adobe Words

Dusty adobe words
make a wall I am building,
keeping out the wind.


adobe home


(wall: featurepics.com; home: pinterest.com)


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Little Mind

My little mind seeks its way
among large things in a vastness
it cannot comprehend.
I am glad it keeps going,
past questions without answers,
being stubborn that way,
in blind faith, on some
kind of mission, believing there is
something to discover, maybe
out there between those bright stars.
Maybe they’re not stars at all,
maybe they’re electrons.
Scale has always been confusing.

Like the time I ran up
that cliff at Salt Creek:
the acid I’d taken
helped me forget it
was something I could not do.
A friend went with me.
He, too, had forgotten.
We sat up there on a
small shelf, joking we’d
have to come down to
get down to be down.
Thankfully, we forgot again,
skidded the sheer face,
and wandered the beach, seeking
the other side of morning, somewhere
between electrons and stars.

stars eye


(eye: collections.ucolick.org; sun: phys.org)

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Strangers hover over your swollen belly:
Was there a window? Were smiles real?
The clock ticks in your heart.
Your hands caress your abdomen,
already saying goodbye.
You give me to the air,
knowing enough to understand
the coming of winter on
this first day of spring.

adoption giving



(top: rappler.com; bottom: mjhsbnn.com) 

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For: the rustle of warm bedclothes;
the distant dark noise of the ocean;
a coyote yip in the night;
the sigh of a lover satisfied;
an adversary’s sudden pause;
a shared laugh;
electric light to write by;
books that seize my heart;
a child without need;
the gasp of a friend’s insight;
a dog’s warm tongue;
the edge of sleep;
a list of these things with no end.


laughing ladies

(dog: lapdogcreations.com; laughter: pinterest.com)

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Haiku–Maw and Paw

In the cavernous
maw of human endeavor,
I play with my dog.



(top: izquotes.com; bottom: pinterest.com)

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Haiku–Moon Face

The face of the moon,
peeking from rumpled bedsheets;
I tuck myself in.




(top: everystockphoto.com; bottom: searchpp.com)

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